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Selling stamps in New Zealand

If your stamp collection suits our needs perhaps we can make a purchase offer. There is no charge for an initial assessment. Sending us an email with a few sample photos is a good start.

Email ashford@stampsale.com.

"What are my stamps worth?" The value of a stamp collection is often determined by the knowledge, enthusiasm and budget of the collector.

Some collectors buy frequently from stamp dealers or stamp auctions. Some collectors exhibit at international stamp exhibitions. Some collectors have a house full that nobody else is aware of.

A very valuable collection may have been valued for insurance at some stage. If uncle's stamps have never been insured, perhaps this shows they are not as valuable as his car or house.

We are interested in purchasing stamp collections with interesting and unusual material, or material that clients are looking for. A description of a stamp collection we might like to buy could sound like this -

Old albums of world stamps going back to 1840, New Zealand envelopes from 1850-1900, early NZ stamps 1855 onward, old legal documents with stamps from lawyer's office, China stamps and envelopes 1960-70 period, early British stamps purchased from stamp dealers in South Africa as a way to move assets out of the country, world stamps purchased for generous sums from stamp auctions over many decades.

A stamp collection that may be of less interest could sound like this -

First Day Covers from 1960s onward of NZ and other countries, Disney stamps, 1983 Commonwealth Day collection (navy blue album), World Wildlife Fund collection (black albums), Americas Cup collection, African homelands stamps from 1970s-80s, childhood world stamp collection started around 1920-1980 in one small album.

In any case, emailing a few photos gets the ball rolling.

Managing Director and valuer is Mr Brian Rumsey. Since 1983 Brian has been involved in most aspects of professional philately, including valuations, retail, mail order and stamp shows. Brian is on the executive committee of the New Zealand Stamp Dealers Association, a trade body committed to upholding professional and ethical standards in the industry. Brian is also part of the expert committee of the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand, a small group of expert philatelists used in the consultation process to identify rare New Zealand stamps or determine authenticity.